Board #2 – Turquoise and white cruiser

How to make a penny board

Do you know how to make a penny board? If not, I’ll try to get you started, but if you want to know all about the building process, check out this post first. The board design here is based on the shape and size of the classic Penny Original 22″, the tiny, colorful boards you probably saw everywhere last summer? The board is small and easy to carry around. After all, a lot of places are not suited for longboarding, so then you have to carry your board a lot it is nice to be able to put in your backpack or to carry it effortlessly under your arm.How to make a penny board

Board graphics

Since these boards are summer toys, I wanted a classic surf board look and opted for light colors to match the summer vibe. The board material is birch veneer, which makes it lighter than the original plastic boards. Because the board is covered with graphics, the wood is only showing around the edge. With the white and turquoise logo breaking up the grip tape on top, the the graphic profile is visible also when riding the board.

So, please leave a comment and share the post with someone you think will like it!BrettNr2_AEFlowBrettNr2_AEFlow_Graphics

  • Length:  22″ (58 cm)
  • Width: 6″ (15 cm)
  • Thickness: 0,5″ (1,2 cm)
  • Concave: Yes
  • Camber: No
  • Trucks: Whitewater
  • Wheels: Whitewater


PS: Check out the post “Board #1 – Longboard” if you find interest in the building process of these boards. The processes are more or less the same

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